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Name:Youka Nitta - 新田祐克
Website:Youka Nitta Project
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Community related to Nitta Youka-sensei and her manga.
Welcome to [community profile] youka_nitta on DW.

We have mirrors on InsaneJournal and LiveJournal but hope you will join us here as well. We're a small group of very active fans, and you'll find fics, challenges, drabble prompts and meta discussions here.

[community profile] youka_nitta is a community dedicated to the works of Mangaka Youka Nitta-sensei. We are mainly a discussion and writing community. We have weekly drabble challenges, a weekly meta/discussion topic, and we love to play with the possibilities Nitta-sensei has provided us with: we write fanfiction, we discuss translations, we explore Japanese culture and history in relation to her works, and we are working on the Youka Nitta Project: a website providing a Youka Nitta Wiki, a fanfic archive and masterlist, as well as tools for writers exploring Nitta-sensei's world and as a result hereof, Japanese culture.

How to become a member:
That's the easy part. Click here. Do remember to add the comm to your f-list, otherwise you will not be able to see the f-locked posts. Yes, we do have those.

Oh, you don't have an Dreamwidth account? Well, tricky... Open ID, purchase a paid account or go to [profile] dw_codeshare.

How to comment:
Use Open ID or comment anonymously if you do not have an IJ. All anonymous commenters' IPs are logged. Do keep in mind that non-members can't see all posts.

How to get and read Haru wo Daiteita and Nitta-sensei's other works:
You will not find organised links to scanlations here. We're not a download community. Try Mangaupdates or Mangafox.
Support your Mangaka and buy her works.

Links: - [community profile] youka_nitta Community's webpage - Nitta-sensei's webpage (in Japanese)

What's allowed here:
RP announcements relevant to Youka Nitta's characters. No banners, no spamming. If you want to pimp more than once, ask.
News regarding publishing, scanlations or merchandise directly related to Youka Nitta's works.
Discussions regarding Japanese literature, language and culture in relation to Nitta-sensei's works.
Discussions and practical stuff in relation to the Community's website.

If in doubt, ask the mods. Anything containing the sentence "I don't know if this is allowed..." will be deleted. Ask before posting. It's easy. The email is listed above (visible only to registered members, though).

Posts that contain links to scanlations must be f-locked. Do not post anything that violates the terms of the scanlations, ie: if posting is limited to another comm, do not bring them here. Please use warnings and headers for fics and drabbles, and place anything longer behind cut. All NWS pictures must be behind cut and with a proper warning attached.

youka_nitta @ LiveJournal - Long-lived and large community dedicated to our favourite mangaka.
[community profile] yamane_ayano - A community dedicated to the works of the brilliant and talented Yamane Ayano.

Your mods,

[personal profile] lysanatt and [personal profile] lore
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Header art is by Youka Nitta-sensei, comm design by [personal profile] lysanatt. Art is changed monthly to go with the 2005 Iwaki/Katou calendar. All 12 images from that can be found here.

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